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Naama Cameron, M.S.

The Parent Coach


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Hi there, I am Naama - the Parent Coach and Child Behavior Specialist you’re looking for. For as long as I remember, I knew I had a gift with children. Friends and family always called me “the child whisperer” and now I love helping other parents reap the benefits of my knowledge and gift! From high profile/celebrity parents to your “average” parent next door, my approach allows me to be flexible with my techniques to accommodate your individual family needs. Being a very happy mommy (and yes I want to be called mommy for as long as possible) of two kids further reiterated and emphasized the techniques, expertise, and knowledge that I have accumulated and used with so many families. And because I have two beautiful children of my own, I truly do understand the emotional roller coaster of parenting. I cannot wait to partner with you to help your children have loving, healthy relationships with everyone around them.

Let's See if We Are a Good Fit!

15 Minutes Maximum


An interdisciplinary team approach through consulting, coaching and designing proactive possibilities for the child and family dynamic as well as the school setting.


Assisting families when children have incontinence and/or encopresis.


Playdate and social coach which improves play struggles and promote social skills.

Kind Words
“I don’t even know where to begin! Naama Cameron has been so instrumental in everything from potty training and behavior modification for both of my children. I was at a literal crossroads when it came to getting our son to use the toilet. Naama literally saved the day and our sanity. Within days he was telling us he had to go and accidents were a thing of the past. She had also been amazing helping us with listening skills and we also saw an amazing response once we followed her tips. I could go on and on!
Do yourself a favor and call Naama!
- Jessica, Studio City

“Harper is a different child! She is social, loves playing with her friends and is confident!!! We couldn't be happier with Harper’s success. Through working closely with Naama, we have learned to be more effective parents.”
- Leslie, West Hollywood
“Naama Cameron has helped me deal with my son through the terrible twos, the f-you threes, all the way up to starting school and now dealing with the anxiety causing pandemic. She helped me learn to control my temper and how to model the type of behavior I want from my son. Her techniques and advice have helped me be the kind of mom I want to be. Because of her, I have an extremely close relationship with my son, who every day grows more confident and brave and frankly is a really awesome kid. I look forward to using her services for many years to come as we move through adolescence into the dreaded teen years. Naama was and is a tremendous asset to my family. I know she would be equally valuable for many others.”
- Melissa, Sherman Oaks

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