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My Services

  • Assists in managing the various challenges of parenting such as power struggles, sleep, eating, and much more.

  • Facilitates implementation of respectful boundary setting, which is imperative
    for healthy relationships throughout adulthood.

  • Promotes self-esteem and confidence of the child.

  • Helps parents navigate when to instill discipline vs. punishment.

  • Helps children with self-control and advises when parental control is needed.

  • Ensures that your home is peaceful & manageable and maybe even fun!

  • Specializes in helping kids who withhold bodily functions, have incontinence and/or encopresis.

  • Removes the power struggle between your child and the parent in toilet training.

  • Designs a plan with the child to ensure follow-through with toilet time.


 Behavior Counseling

  • Supports children with behavioral challenges such as ADD/ADHD, OCD ASD, Anxiety and many others. Teaches proactive possibilities for the child in a variety of situations with family and peers (such as conflict resolution, rational thinking, and a sense of personal responsibility thereby strengthening relationships).

  • Empowers the child to be independent and encourages positive choices that reinforce positive outcomes as well as promoting self-confidence and behavior management.

  • As an added bonus: consults with teachers and school personnel to develop techniques that help children thrive.

  • Attends social situations (i.e. playdates, family meetings, and etc.) and models appropriate techniques for interactions with peers and family.

  • Improves communication and interaction in social situations and play struggles

  • Role plays a variety of situations so that the child will have effective tools in his/her arsenal to deal with peer interactions.

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