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Hi there, I am Naama - the Parent Coach and Child Behavior Specialist you’re looking for. For as long as I remember, I knew I had a gift with children. Friends and family always called me “the child whisperer” and now I love helping other parents reap the benefits of my knowledge and gift! From high profile/celebrity parents to your “average”parent next door, my approach allows me to be flexible with my techniques to accommodate your individual family needs. Being a very happy mommy (and yes I want to be called mommy for as long as possible) of two kids further reiterated and emphasized the techniques, expertise, and knowledge that I have accumulated and used with so many families. And because I have two beautiful children of my own, I truly do understand the emotional roller coaster of parenting. I cannot wait to partner with you to help your children have loving, healthy relationships with everyone around them.



Master’s in Educational Psychology and Counseling with an emphasis on School Psychology and a
 Pupil Personnel Credential


Over 20 years of experience working in the child growth and development field including the parent to child dynamic.

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